owl of wisdomWord Search Puzzle Game

  • Words can be written in all directions. Diagonal, vertical, horizontal, forward and backward.
  • Words can be crossed. A letter can be connected to two or more words.
  • If you found a word, click on the first letter of the word. The color will change to orange immediately, also the word in the menu.
  • If you selected the whole word, it will change to green. Green letters are still usable, if it's connected to other crosswords.
  • Mark the letters of the word within the puzzle in readable direction. To start in the middle or at the end is not allowed.
  • Mistakes will be punished.more information

Enjoy the Puzzle!

    Did you know...
  • playing is absolutly free
  • browser and mobil ready
  • up to 7 different level of difficulty
  • varied topics for everyone
  • trophies and awards
  • Memberarea with avatar und personal highscore and statistics
  • top 100 world highscore
  • for young and old
  • each game is unique and always diffrent
  • unique gameplay by different in-game features

Data & Facts

You are looking for a detailed description of our word search game? You are right here. We explain the features which are included in our game. We'll inpect for you unknown features as the little helper or the punishment, which is triggered by making mistakes.

Level Description

Our word search game includes a lot of different level of difficulty. From a simple beginner level, via middle level to really difficult level such as godlike level, you'll will find detailed information in here. Among other things you will find information about level size, number of words and level suggestions for different types of gamer.

Different game modes

Which type of gamer are you? We offer varied and excited game modes fro our word search game. Decide on one of numerous and interesting topics, play the single player mode or play a quick game against an artificial intelligence. Find out which game mode is your favorite.


we provide a large assortment of different topics. Discover the world by choosing topics as countries as well as capitals, find your favorite animal or hunting your pokemon heroes. Our topics will be extended continously. At times, it's worth to take a look whether there is a new word search topic available.


Obviously you can gain a lot of different rewards by playing word search game. Thereby isn't all about speed and knowledge, but also of flawlessy. Which are these rewards in detail and how you get them as fast as possible you get to know in here. are you good and fast enough to collect all our trophies and rewards?

Tips and Tricks

Do you want to become one of the fastest player and enter the highscore list? Improve you playtime by reading our useful tips and tricks about the word search game. Optimize the use of game features and vaulting yourself into Top 100 highscore list. Certainly you will find some useful tips for cozy gamer.


In the category Know how you'll find a lot of information around the word search game. Playing online games don't make you to a foolish person. No, the contrary is the case. Playing our word search game furthers your cognitives skills. Doesn't matter whether young or old, everyone can learn something and improve their vocabularies.


We keep you up-to-date. In the category Newsletter you'll find breaking news and inovations of our online game. Whether changes, launches of features or continous development of the game - this is your source to get latest information about it.

Stay anytime up to date with our newsletter. Subscribe for newsletter and you will get regulary latest news about our game. You will never miss new features, updates and events!

A little tip?

Currently our word search game and this website is exclusively funded by advertisement. We'd like to continue the development of the game and would be grateful for any little donation. On this page you will get all information about it. How you can beget a donation and for what we spend something.


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Play the word search game without waiting time. Play with your personal avatar and settings. Collect more as 20 different rewards and enjoy the advantages of many more features!

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